Accident & Injury Treatment In Glenn Mills, PA

Have you been involved in an auto accident in Glen Mills? Has that accident resulted in whiplash induced back and neck pain? Have you been injured on the job? Do you struggle to complete daily tasks? Have you sustained a sports injury and now find it painful to participate in activities you once loved? The knowledgeable doctors in our Glen Mills office handle car accident injuries, worker’s compensation cases and sports injuries.

Glen Mills Pain Management

Are you suffering from pain related to an auto accident injury? Are you living with a work related injury that causes you chronic pain? Have you sustained a sports injury that prevents you from participating in your usual activities? The doctors at Now Care can help.

We help our clients manage the back and neck pain related to spinal injuries. Our pain management treatment plans are non-invasive, non-surgical, safe and pain free. We don’t rely on pharmaceutical drugs that only help to mask the pain. We treat the pain and help you heal and recover quick.

General Chiropractic Care Glen Mills

Suffer from chronic lower back pain? Struggling with debilitating neck pain, soreness and stiffness? The doctors in our Glenn Mills office can help. Our superior care helps to treat all pain and injuries related to the spine. We employ a variety of techniques to help you recover and start living pain free. Our treatments such as nutritional counseling, physical rehabilitation and massage therapy work together to create a healthy future for your body.

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Contact our Glen Mills, Delaware offices today to set up an appointment or inquire about our services and to learn how our doctors can help treat and heal your auto accident injury and help manage your back or neck pain issues.

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