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The Best Choice in Delaware for Chiropractic Care

Now Care Pain Relief Center offers 3 convenient locations to serve you.  Our knowledgeable & experienced medical staff offer our patients convenient, superior care & services all under one roof.  Each of our offices provide the following types of pain management and injury treatment options:

In addition to the the traditional forms of chiropractic care, our Wilmington, Delaware office specializes in the treatment of common auto accident injuries such as whiplash, back pain, neck pain and shoulder pain.

We also focus on injuries related to worker’s compensation cases. We can help you devise a pain management plan for work related injuries such as carpal tunnel and chronic neck and back pain.

The doctors in our Wilmington office are dedicated to helping you find accessible ways to manage your pain and treat your injuries, while also creating a more healthy future.

Our Bear office focuses on auto accident injury treatment, worker’s compensation cases and injuries. We also provide superior general chiropractic care services such as massage therapy, physical rehabilitation, exercise therapy and nutritional counseling. Our objective is to help you treat your pain while helping you regain and increase your mobility, range of motion and strength so you will be less prone to injury in the future.

The friendly and compassionate doctors in our Dover offices offer patients the best chiropractic care treatments. Some of the treatment options include: massage therapy, physical rehabilitation, exercise rehabilitation, sports injury treatment, general pain management, accident related injury recovery.

Contacting Our Offices Is Easy!

Contact our Bear, Wilmington or Dover, Delaware offices today to set up an appointment or inquire about our services and to learn how our friendly and compassionate doctors can help treat and heal your auto accident injury, work injury, sports injury or general lower back or neck pain issues.