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Sports Injury & Chiropractic Care

IMG_3072A sports injury can be painful, both physically and mentally. When you are accustomed to being able to perform on the field, on the court or in the match, sustaining an injury that forces you to sit out on the sidelines can be difficult to cope with. It can feel like a loss.

When an unexpected sports injury suddenly prevents you from participating in an activity that you love, the chiropractors at all three of our Delaware offices—Newark, Dover and Wilmington—can help. It is our mission to help you rebuild and recover fast. You will we back in the game in no time.

Injuries can impact your strength, balance, mobility, agility and flexibility. All key components when competing in sports or just enjoying an active lifestyle. Chiropractic care can help you relieve pain, reduce inflammation and swelling, and ease uncomfortable, sometimes debilitating symptoms.

Our treatments are non-invasive, non-surgical, safe and pain-free. That means you will begin recovering as soon as you start treatment, not after a painful surgery or prolonged hospital stay.

After an initial evaluation where we discuss your medical history as well as your current injury, we can develop a custom treatment plan that is right for you, your injury and your lifestyle.

What Can Chiropractic Care Do For My Sports Injury?

  • Relieve Pain
  • Restore Normal Function & Aid In Recovery
  • Help To Prevent Future Injuries

 If I Don’t Play Competitive Sports, Would I Still Benefit From Treatment?

The short answer is absolutely. The chiropractic treatments and techniques used can be beneficial for anyone whose mobility and agility has been negatively affected by negatively effected. It certainly isn’t exclusive to pro athletes and iron men.

Want To Learn More About Sports Injury?

Contact one of our Delaware chiropractic offices today to set up an appointment or inquire about our services and to learn how chiropractic doctors can help treat your sports injury related pain and recover as quickly as possible.