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Care for Work Injuries

Construction accidentAre you suffering from chronic neck, back or wrist pain caused by a work injury in Delaware? Are you curious as to what kind of treatments and care are available to treat your pain resulting from your work injury? Are you curious as to how our doctors can help you recover from a work injury?

Our compassionate and experienced team of our doctors in our Wilmington, Bear and Dover Delaware offices can help devise a treatment plan for your neck pain, lower back pain and carpal tunnel syndrome. Accidents, injuries and repetitive stress induced discomfort can make it difficult to carry out day to day tasks. You shouldn’t have to live with persistent soreness, reduced mobility and range of motion.

What Are Some Common Work Related Injuries?

Some of the most common work related injuries that chiropractic care can help to treat are lower back pain, chronic neck and shoulder pain, persistent headaches and frequent migraines, carpal tunnel syndrome and shoulder, arm and wrist soreness.

Some work related injuries are caused by accidents. Many are caused by poor posture, a sedentary office lifestyle, leaning over a computer all day and repetitive motions like those commonly associated with assembly line work and typing.

Why Our Care For Work Injury?

Our care is a non-surgical, non-invasive approach to injury treatment and pain management. The care and treatment we provide is highly effective and completely safe. There is no pain involved, no negative side effects and no reliance on pharmaceutical drugs that often just serve to mask the pain, not treat the root cause.

Want To Learn More?

The sooner you seek treatment, the faster you will heal and recover. The longer you wait to find treatment, the worse the injury becomes and the harder it will be to recover and regain strength, mobility and range of motion. Contact one of our Delaware offices today to set up an appointment or inquire about our services and to learn how our doctors can help treat your work injury.