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Dr. Kirk Evans

Head shot (2)Most chiropractors choose chiropractic as their career usually as a result of a life changing experience, like a sports injury or miraculous recovery from a health condition.  Dr. Kirk (as he likes to be called) received his first chiropractic adjustment from his uncle at the age of four and never had to visit a doctor of medicine his whole childhood.  Growing up with chiropractic and living the chiropractic lifestyle, the more amazing he knew it was. He realized that true health comes from within and not from drugs or surgery.  When deciding his future career path in high school he knew that he wanted to help people and chiropractic was the natural choice.  After attending James Madison University where he minored in Music and Majored in Biology, he enrolled in Life Chiropractic College in Marietta, Georgia in 1992.  It is here that he mastered the chiropractic science, the philosophy of innate healing, and the art of serving humanity.

After graduating in 1996, Dr. Evans then moved to West Chester, PA where he opened a cash only practice. Since then his philosophy has changed much to incorporate all types of adjusting techniques and the evolution of insurance reimbursement changes.  After 8 years of practice in West Chester, he practiced with his brother who is a chiropractor in Trenton, NJ.  He moved to Delaware in 2006 and has worked in Dover and Newark.

In October of 2013, Dr. Evans joined forces with NowCare in Dover, DE.  It is here where he now focuses his care and individualized patient treatment, grateful to be serving another community in Delaware.

Dr. Evans’ philosophy, that health and healing start from within, has been at the heart of his practice for 16+ years.  He has found that a direct, hands-on approach with consistent awareness and education yields the best results for his patients.  As a father and business owner he knows firsthand the demands of today’s lifestyle.  From the sick and injured to those who want to stay well, Dr. Evan’s enjoys getting to know each of his patients and is able to tailor his techniques to their specific needs.  When he is not providing chiropractic care, you will most likely find him spending time with his son, hiking up a mountain, on his motorcycle, or re-enacting on a civil war battlefield.