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Dr. Patricia Fanning

Patricia Fanning

Dr. Patricia Fanning frequently known as , “”Dr. P” i s a native of Philadelphia PA and a graduate of Cabrini College B.S. Biology 1981 Member Tri Beta biological society. A graduate of Gwynedd Mercy College Certificate in Nuclear Medicine Technology . During my years as technologist I participated in research, educating student technologists clinical diagnostic imaging, radiation safety and as an international lecturer for the fourth world congress of Nuclear Medicine and Biology. During the early 90’s I found
myself once again on an academic journey to become a Doctor of Chiropractic.

Since graduating I have spent 29 years as an associate doctor, a sole proprietor and an independent contractor in family care. injury recovery and sports injury care. These years have exposed me to variety of injuries, health concerns cultures and ages of patients served. The youngest was 6 hours old, the oldest to date is 96.

My goals as a practitioner are to continue learning and always striving to do the best for every person under my care with a comprehensive individualized treatment plan…..I also focus on patient education and empowerment to gain knowledge and responsibility toward creating a healing environment and a healthy life.

Remember healing is a process and not an event. Ignore your health, it will go away.